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About Us

Safeguards is a registered Delaware Public Benefit Corporation that aims to prevent fentanyl-related deaths and improve long-term recovery outcomes for people post-detox, coming out of short-term treatment centers and those recovering on their own from opioid/fentanyl addiction. The founder, Liz Rhodes,

lost her son to Fentanyl poisoning in 2019 and has made it her life mission to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Safeguards has developed a training course for loved ones and community members of someone going through fentanyl detox to become companions and ensure their survival in the year after rehabilitation. The course has a remarkable near perfect success rate and is modeled after the United States Lifeguards. The founder also works closely with the Evergreen Fund, a reputable recovery company that funds leading organizations in the recovery field.  

Our Goals

Prevent Fentanyl-Related Deaths

Educate Loved Ones and Community Members

Increase Survival Rates After Rehabilitation

Meet the Team

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